Spring 2015 Issue


The spring has sprung in Vancouver. The flowers and trees are in bloom here, while across the country, people are digging out from record snowfalls. And the CCFCC still moves along like a well-oiled machine (much like those snowplows folks are using out east). 

The CCFCC/Saputo junior culinary challenge is happening now and the winners will join us in Newfoundland for the national conference to compete for CCFCC/Saputo junior chef of the year. The CCFCC/Sysco senior chef challenge is also going on now and the winners will join the junior winners in NFLD. 

Over the next few weeks the three regions of the CCFCC will hold their regional meetings with two of the three regions conducting conference calls in an effort to save expenses and travel at this time of year. Many of the decisions regarding the running of the federation happens at these meetings and are voted on at the national convention. 

On March 1 to 3, the CCFCC Oakville chapter along with the CCFCC Toronto chapter will hold a WACS-sanctioned culinary salon at the restaurant show. This salon marks the second year that it has been sanctioned by WACS and it continues to grow, bringing in competitors from many countries. I’m looking forward to the salon and the restaurant show. 

Join me in congratulating Chef James Hutton on a job well done as chair of the CCI. He has been negotiating with Red River College in Winnipeg to host a CCC program and we’re happy to report that RRC is now another choice of venue to take your CCC designation. 

The management team of the CCFCC Culinary (Senior) Team Canada had a meeting to determine the direction of the team. After much debate, the management decided to disband the old team and build a new one from the ground up with only two years to prepare for the Culinary Olympics. I would like to applaud Chef JC Felicella on this bold move and look forward to great results in Erfurt. To all the team members who went to Luxembourg to compete, the CCFCC thanks you for all you did to make Canada proud. 

The CCFCC Junior Team Canada is busy in the kitchen, practicing for the Culinary Olympics in 2016. Having spent time with these young members in Luxembourg, I see the pride and determination in them that drives them each day to be the best in the world. I look forward to some surprises they have in store for us in Newfoundland at the national convention. 

So, Newfoundland – how great is it that our national convention is going to be on “The Rock”? The activities planned, the food to be eaten, and the culture of this amazing province will be a don’t-miss time. Pack up the family and come for what will be an unforgettable vacation. Registration is now open for the convention, so join us on the Rock to party, Newfie style. Check the CCFCC website for updates. 

In January, I travelled with the CCFCC Bocuse d’Or team to Lyon, France. The team worked hard, long hours to get ready for the gruelling competition. At the end of the competition, Canada did not reach the podium, but our representatives acted with dignity and professionalism, which makes the CCFCC one of the most respected associations in the world. 

As always, we must thank our partners for their continued and unflagging support of the CCFCC. Without these companies we would not be able to create the programs we do across the country. So, please support our partners who support us – ask for their products by name, use their products and services when you can. Chef Ryan Marquis has been working on many new partnerships, so remember to check the website for updates. For example, the Windsor Salt company is now one of our new partners. All you culinary education instructors can apply and receive free salt for use in your schools. Welcome, Windsor Salt! 

Thank you all for being part of this vibrant professional association. If you have a comment or concern, let me or a board member know. If you have an idea for an article or some news you’d like to share with your fellow chefs, let us know. Attend your branch meetings. Get involved in an event. Make some noise about who we are to let others know that you belong to the best chefs’ association in Canada!

Living the dream,  Don