CCFCC Spring 2014 Magazine

2013 is out and 2014 has begun. We have had our regional conferences and all have been successes. 
There was a new Central VP elected. Chef Ryan Marquis now will take on the role. I would like to thank Ahron Goldman for his years of hard work for the CCFCC. 
Our CCI programs are moving ahead as expected and some exciting changes are coming. Stay tuned for updates. 
Our junior and senior provincial challenges are near completion and a big congratulation to all who competed. I look forward to meeting all the regional winners in Gatineau and seeing what you bring to the national competition. 
Speaking of competitions, both the CCFCC senior and junior culinary teams are practicing hard for their upcoming competitions in Luxembourg. As always, the teams will do us proud, not only in competing, but also in professional representation of the CCFCC. 
The conference planning is in full swing now. Go to to see all the diverse and interesting events taking place this year. You can register on the web site; this is one conference you won’t want to miss. 
The CCFCC has been shortlisted to host the WACS Congress in 2018. In July 2014, the final decision will be announced in Norway at the WACS Congress. We hope to see some of our CCFCC members in attendance. At that time, a new continental director will be elected. 
Other WACS news includes the first WACS-sanctioned culinary salon in Toronto in March 2014. Congratulations go out to the CCFCC Oakville and the CCFCC Toronto branches for the overwhelming successful event. WACS has appointed a new Vice President, Chef Charles Carroll from the USA. You might remember him from a great keynote address he gave at the national CCFCC conference in Halifax a few years ago. 
Our corporate partners are growing and we would like to welcome all our new partners to the CCFCC family. With their support, we can offer programs and professional development opportunities to all of our members. 
See you in Gatineau at the national conference!
Living the dream, 
Donald Gyurkovits
President, CCFCC